Making working from home colourful

Working from home: Introducing a digital working environment at Moolenaar.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak last March, working from home has become the standard for many companies in many countries. For Moolenaar’s people, this has not been any different. Even though we did not see any of this coming before March, we did already prepare for it in 2019.

Moolenaar is excited to share that it has for some period of time been working in the cloud now. The upgrade has enabled employees to access files from anywhere, and at anytime. Using Microsoft’s latest cloud-working software, Moolenaar enables its people to work more productively and flexibly.

Lately, our employees have partly been able to get back to the office. However, working in the cloud and video-calling and chatting through Teams is here to stay, and we’re ready to embrace it.