Gardelly introduced at leading Dutch supermarket chain

Moolenaar’s brand Gardelly goes Brick & Mortar

Gardelly, Moolenaar’s trendsetting retail brand for green and growing products, will now be available in the 150+ largest stores of a leading Dutch supermarket chain. Starting this Spring season, Gardelly will be selling various colourful grow-your-own seeds products at the venues of the well-known grocery brand, as ever with the aim of making their customers love growing!

Products being sold include herbs seeds for edibles such as Coriander, Dill and Lemon Balm. Gardelly’s flowering seeds will also be available, including for Sun Flowers, Daisies, Dahlias, Freesias and various vibrant flower mixes to brighten up your home and garden. Working or studying at home does not have to be colourless with Gardelly 😉

Gardelly will now be actively selling products tailored for both Brick & Mortar sales as well as e-commerce. Together with its market-leading retail partners, Gardelly is growing steadily to become a household brand name for green and growing retail products.

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