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February 2023 Moolenaar

With spring approaching, many gardening enthusiasts are looking forward to brightening up their gardens with colorful flower bulbs. But what can we expect  in 2023 when it comes to their purchasing power and financial opportunities to invest in the garden? In this article, we’ll take a look at how the color trends of spring flower bulbs play a role and how you can take advantage of them for a colorful garden.

In 2023, we can expect various new color trends that fit the desires and needs of consumers. From subdued pastel colors to bright shades, there’s something for everyone. By following these trends, you can give your garden a fresh and contemporary look. However, it’s important to also consider the financial situation of the consumer. It’s wise to choose affordable options if your budget is limited, while you can opt for high-quality flower bulbs with more financial possibilities.  

In conclusion, by following the color trends of spring flower bulbs and taking into account the financial situation and growing conditions, you can create a beautiful and colorful garden. Experiment and discover which flower bulbs are best for your garden and enjoy the colorful beauty that spring has to offer!


First Trend colour: Viva Magenta!

Are you looking for ways to add some color to your garden? Consider adding dahlias, gladioli, and irises, all of which fit within the color palette of Viva Magenta. These flowers will brighten up your garden with their bright, vibrant colors and shapes.

Dahlias come in a wide range of colors and shapes, from bright pink to deep purple, making them a perfect match for Viva Magenta. Gladioli come in a similar range of colors and are also great for adding a pop of color to your garden. Irises have beautiful shades of purple that also harmonize with Viva Magenta.

Combine these flowers with other lively plants and decorative elements in your garden, and you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space that will make the whole neighborhood take notice. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, these flowers are easy to grow and don’t require much maintenance.

So what are you waiting for? Add some color to your garden and surround yourself with the vibrant shades of Viva Magenta with dahlias, gladioli, and irises.

The word “VIVA” is derived from the Latin word “Vivus,” which means “alive” or “living.” This name was chosen to represent the energy and excitement that the color Viva Magenta evokes. Just as the color is vibrant and full of life, the name “Viva” captures that same sense of vitality and liveliness.


Trend colour: Purple

Second Trend Colour: Verdigris

If you’re looking to add some color to your summer garden, consider incorporating white and yellow flowers. These cheerful shades are perfect for adding a pop of brightness and energy to any outdoor space.

The name “verdigris” comes from the greenish color that appears on oxidized copper. This mix of green and blue is a nod to the vibrant, digitized hues that are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. This color evokes memories of 1980s sportswear and outdoor clothing and is sure to make a bold statement in any context.

As we move into the future, we expect verdigris to be reimagined as a progressive and youthful shade. Already popular in the casualwear and streetwear markets, it’s only a matter of time before this bold color gains even wider acceptance.

Verdigris is a versatile color that can be used as a trans-seasonal update for teal in all product categories. Its boldness also makes it ideal for boosting social media engagement. Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe, decorate your home, or simply add a pop of color to your social media feed, verdigris is a great choice.

This color trend is also connected with comfortable outerwear and sporty fashion design, making it a dramatic and appealing choice for 2023. So don’t be afraid to embrace the boldness of verdigris, and pair it with some sunny white and yellow summer flowers for a vibrant and energetic combination.

Trend Colour: Pastel



Third Colour: Digital lavender

From Digital Lavender to Dahlia and Iris, here are the key colors to add to your garden palette for the upcoming year. Amid the pandemic in 2021, Digital Lavender was forecasted as the color of the year for 2023. This serene and calming shade has taken the spotlight as consumers prioritize their health and wellbeing. As gardeners and designers seek to cater to this consumer desire, Digital Lavender and other pastel shades will become commonplace in our gardens, appearing in various flowers and plants. In addition to its calming effect, the color also represents digital escapism and speaks to the idea of hope and balance.

Digital Lavender is versatile, evoking a sense of otherworldliness that can add a touch of the surreal to your garden. It’s also accessible and approachable, making it an ideal color to use in combination with other pastels such as Dahlia and Iris. In terms of gardening, Digital Lavender, Dahlia, and Iris are perfect for creating a serene and calming atmosphere in your garden. Their soft colors can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, while also adding a touch of vibrancy and energy to the space. So, consider adding these colors to your garden palette and enjoy the peaceful ambiance they create.

Technology has made our world more digital, reducing our reliance on paper-based practices. We must consider the environmental impact of paper production and embrace digital alternatives that are faster, more efficient, and sustainable.

Trend Colour: Digital Lavender
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