Flowerbulb Trends in spring 2022

September 2022 Moolenaar A year where people are more aware of nature. Technology is getting better, and our digital world is only getting bigger. Yet we also seem to want to look back to the 70s and 80s. Production is coming to an end, so people start looking more for second-hand stuff. Not everything is readily available, so we give things a second life. A style that also fits more and more in this time. No more wanting to throw everything away or constant reuse.   First Trend colour: Purple The color purple really comes back in everything. People crave more minimalistic. Because of the many sitting at home, the spaces in our house and garden have become very important. The color is increasingly used to give a dreamy feeling. Research shows that purple (lavender and lilac) contributes to healing and calm the mind. They stand for calm, renewal and joyful pursuits, and make you feel pretty and lighthearted. A color that is perfect for expanding your garden. Combine all purple flowers with each other in tone-on-tone. Perfect for combining with flower bulbs and seeds.
Trend colour: Purple
    Second Trend Colour: Pastel The pastel colors are also about atmosphere and peace of mind. It gives an even more playful atmosphere. A dreamy feeling, fluffy, lots of sweetness. The pastel colors stand for self-care. Everything can be softer in a world that is uncertain. This color gives a lot of cheerfulness. In the garden you can combine everything together. Here you can mix well with various seeds.
Trend Colour: Pastel
    Third Colour: Peach Peach is the mood booster. A color makes us happy and calm. One becomes very happy and optimistic in their minds. Also called a color for the confidence booster. A color that combines very well with other natural colors. If you want more of the retro side, you can mix this color with brown tones. Do you want more peach in your garden, pay attention to the pastel orange colors? Here are many dahlias, gladioli and seeds that can enhance this atmosphere.
Trend Colour: Peach
Spring flowers

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