Ian Rasmussen confirmed as Moolenaar’s new CEO

Ian Rasmussen CEO Moolenaar B.V. per 1 januari 2021

Ian has been our Chief Operating Officer joining Moolenaar in 2015. His focus has been on digital transformation, modernization and operational optimalization. Ian will take over from Fred Moolenaar who has led the family Business with distinction for over 25 years. Fred will remain in the position of CCO and continue to help grow and develop the business.

Announcing Ian’s appointment Fred Moolenaar said:

“We are very pleased that Ian takes over this important role and he has proven over the past years he is more than capable of leading our company into the new decade.

Ian already was a crucial member of the Senior Management helping to prepare and modernize the organisation to face the challenging retail landscape and installing the necessary agility to better answer to the many demands of our business environment. I have full trust that, together with the team, he will continue to build a strong organisation to support a healthy growth of the company and of course to ensure happy customers”.

Ian has worked with full dedication earning the trust of the current CEO, members of the Moolenaar family and the board of Directors to lead the Family busines into its next growth face.

Commenting on Ian Rasmussen’s appointment Arnold Hordijk, chairman of the supervisory board said:

“We fully respect Fred’s decision to hand over the CEO position to Ian. We very much appreciate the way in which Fred has led the company over such a long period. Under his leadership the company developed towards one of the prominent companies in the horticultural industry. We are very pleased that Fred will stay on board as CCO, in which role Fred undoubtedly will be of great value for the company’s future success.

We are evenly pleased that Ian will take over the CEO role. Over the last years Ian has already proven to be a strong and very dedicated leader. He has been a driving force in professionalizing and strengthening the company. We are convinced that Ian, in close cooperation with Fred, will lead the company into a successful future”.


Reflecting on his appointment Ian said: “I am honored and excited to be able to lead Moolenaar through these turbulent times and into the next phase for the company. This is an opportunity to move Moolenaar further forward in the horticultural industry, to restructure the company, strengthening the leadership further, while ensuring the company’s future success and maintaining satisfied customers”.

We have a great culture, a good footprint in the market and a winning strategy that has enabled us to grow strongly. Building further on our success is a challenge I accept with confidence, determination, drive and ambition. I am passionately committed to continue the growth of the Moolenaar brand and place our customer at the absolute center of everything we do.

Filling the shoes of Fred Moolenaar, who has been a great mentor and friend, will be no easy feat. Fred Moolenaar’s support and that of my colleagues has helped me reach this landmark in my career. I thank them and will work my hardest to reward their faith in me.

Ian Rasmussen has earned his MBA from Rotterdam School of Management and has previously served as Executive Vice President at BagDrop BV and as a management consultant at Booz & Co. He lives in the Hague, Netherlands with his wife, daughter and son.

Moolenaar BV, a world leading exporter of horticulture and floriculture products to international retailers, serves customers in more than 50 countries, across three continents, via a global sourcing footprint and a local design and production facility in the Netherlands.

Contact info:
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Company URL: www.moolenaar.nl