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Production Manager

Description of position:
The production manager oversees warehouse, production and quality at Moolenaar and report to the COO. Production currently includes all processes from incoming goods, storage, production and dispatch.
The production managers responsibility is to ensure the most efficient production execution according to the planning provided by the supply chain office, hence ensuring dispatch on-time at the most efficient manner. The production manager improves efficiency across the sections (7x) and supports the section managers in their efficiency optimization within their individual sections.

The following sections report to the production manager

The production manager is an integral part of production and is operating within the production building and is very visible on the production floors. The manager is a people person who can build a team among dedicated and strong-minded production colleagues. The manager reports to the COO and is part of the operational management team.

Specific tasks current role
The current tasks of the production manager are:

  • 1. General Management of production [10%]
    a. Derive the production OGSM from the operational OGSM
    b. Setup and manage the production KPI’s
    c. Participate in and report production KPI’s to the monthly operational MT
    d. Participate in customer audits
    e. Create pre-season overview, identify challenges and bring these into the weekly CT
    f. Participate in the monthly VGA meeting
    g. Point of contact for each production department, for challenges and opportunities.
    h. Perform annual assessments of direct reports.
    i. Share product and customer knowledge with section heads.
    j. Create a trusted work relation between production and administration


  • 2. Daily management [50%]
    a. Keep overview of production status, incoming goods, production papers, etc. from NAV and jet reports.
    b. Chair the daily production meeting, highlight KPI’s of yesterday and focus of today
    c. Coordinate challenges and opportunities with supply chain manager
    d. Align priorities across departments using planning from supply chain
    e. Being actively present in each department, observing status, support incident solving
    f. Keep track of incidents (input for task 4)
    g. Identify bottlenecks in the entire flow and proactively solve the identified bottlenecks (e.g. production papers, assignment of live material, priorities within individual production departments)
    h. Be a role model for company values, safety and work ethics.
    i. Support section heads when needed (during peak season), e.g. priorities and overviews per department.
    j. Keep track of daily dispatch, ensure coordination with export department and be available in the dispatch department.
    k. Coordinate challenges with quality control and quality management.


  • 3. Optimization of production [10%]
    a. Optimize number of FTE’s across departments,
    b. Efficient storage of goods and preparation of goods according to production planning


  • 4. Improvement [10%]
    a. Analyze incidents with department heads after each season, identify key issues, initiate and follow through on improvement projects
    b. Manage and implement improvement projects
    c. Manage list of technical improvements / upgrades to be performed out of season by the technical department.


  • 5. Part of NAV re-implementation project team [20%]
    a. Key-user for production department within the NAV project team
    b. Setup SIPOC for production, use the SIPOC for test scenario descriptions and for status monitoring.
    c. Participate in workshops for warehouse management, document processes and analyze production implications based on the processes.
    a. Setup and document key processes for each department
    b. Define roles, responsibilities per department as well as KPI’s


• 99.5% of dispatched items are according to customer order (quality, amount, time)
• 99.5% of actual inventory matches ERP reported inventory (per item).
• Ensure total worked hours in production is within 5% of calculated hours (total per season)

• Able to think conceptually with focus on a future state without the ballast of the current state
• Able to think in solutions, take initiative and solve issues.
• Able to analyze, improve and document processes
• No scared of getting hands dirty and jump on a forklift to support when needed
• Remain objective, a step ahead of the daily production, foresee bottlenecks and solve them before they arrive.
• Experience with scanning in production
• Managerial experience in a production / warehouse environment
• People manager, able to facilitate change and create buy-in
• Remain positive, think in solutions also under pressure.

• HBO certificate or similar
• Fluent in Dutch and English
• Familiarity with NAV or similar ERP and MS office / Office365
• Lean, 5S and continuous improvement knowledge is a pro
• Experience within retail and food industry is a pro

• Scale 11 (3.901 – 5.572)
• Can handle seasonality and the associated peaks and valleys in work pressure, no 9-17 mentality
• Limited holiday in peak periods (Mid July – mid September & mid November – mid February)

For further information regarding this position, please contact Mr. Rob Ekkebus (HR Manager) rekkebus@moolenaar.nl or our COO Mr. Ian Rasmussen irasmussen@moolenaar.nl